What Do Termites Eat? Do You Need To Inspect

Termites are well-known silent destructors. They silently invade the home and without coming to your eye, they keep damaging your property. Many people don’t have any idea about what actual termites eat? If you are one of them on the list, then, don’t worry we will guide you properly in this article, so that you could do a termite inspection in your home.

Termites invade without coming into your eye and infest the places where wooden items are placed. Unfortunately, our home is not only a comfortable place for us to live but for pests too. And, that’s why pests like termites infest and don’t go out easily.

Termites Control
Termites Control

What do termites eat?

The main thing that termites look for is cellulose. If you don’t know what cellulose is, then, let us tell you. Cellulose is a very valuable organic compound available in nature. It is available in many things that we use on a daily basis. Materials like wool, cotton, paper, or wood contain cellulose at high volume.

Why do termites prefer eating wood?

It is one of the most common and highly asked questions all over the world. Termites usually prefer eating wood because wood is one of the materials with cellulose at high volume and they need it for survival. Termites break down cellulose from wood with the help of protozoa or bacteria they have in their guts. By breaking down the cellulose fibers the protozoa and bacteria make the cellulose a nutritious food for termites. So, if termites are inside your home, then, your wooden items are not safe at all. It would be better if you do proper termite inspection on time.

What type of wood is preferred by termites?

Well, termites don’t like to eat all types of wood. The subterranean species of termites love to eat springwood having soft fibers. They don’t like to eat hardwood. They target those woods that resemble honeycombs or other dirt and dust particles.

Whereas, the dry wood species of termites prefer to eat dry wood that is unfortunately available inside your home. The damage done by dry wood termites looks very smooth. Now, if we talk about the choice of damp wood termites species, then, they prefer damped or decayed wood. These species of termites are very rare to invade homes.

The type of wood generally varies or depends on the type of species. In homes, mostly subterranean or dry wood species of termites infest. So, with frequent termite inspection, you can easily save your precious wooden furniture. Avoiding termite invasion is nothing but stupidity and we know you are not one. So, do a termite inspection in your home.


By reading this article, we hope that you got to know what termites eat and why they only prefer eating wood. Right. So, now, your first responsibility is to do a termite inspection on your premises. Either you do it or you hire pest control professionals, does not matter, but get it done.