What Does An Active Termite Infestation Look Like?

Termite Treatment

The termite infection is one of the most common phobias to have in the house. It leads to many difficult problems like skin infection and diseases. It might be difficult for you to detect the termite presence in your house. So below we are recommending five points that will help you to find that your house has active termite infestation. If you find a termite infestation in your house then immediately call for pest control services and kill them completely.

5 Signs Of Termites In The House

First of all keep in mind that a termites are difficult to detect. Termites usually hide from sunrise and live around only wooden furniture and structure. Next know about how you can find termites in the house.

1. See Flying Termites– Depending on the species, the termite flight hours varies, some fly in the night and some prefer to fly in the day. Likewise, it is important to check if their wings are discarded by stay or not. While breeding and making session termites discard their wings. This is the good sign that there is a termite attack in your house.

2. Clay On The Wall Or Wood– Termite stays away from the light and air. They are comfortable in the dark place. So they create a clay house for themselves to protect themselves from light and sun. They build clay from dust particles. If you find a clay house all over the wall or wooden surface then it is a sign of the presence of termites in the house

3. Tunnels In The Wood– Termites make tunnels in the wooden objects. Although, it is quite difficult to spot the termites in the wood. So, you need to carefully observe the wooden furniture or structure to check if there is any tunnel in it or not. 

4. Wood Powder Everywhere– As we know, termites live in the wood and create a tunnel in it. In this process, termite eats wood and causes wood powder around the window or objects. If you notice this powder everywhere around the wooden object then it is a sign that termites are in your house and you need to cure it immediately.

5. Sound From The Wall At Night

Termites are very active at night time. If you notice a cracking sound at night from your walls or the wood objects, then it is a sign of termites in the wall or wood. Termites eat wooden objects to survive and at that time it creates a sound while eating. Moreover, by sound, they help their other termites colonies for damage.

Book A Pest Control Service Provider Who Deal With Termites

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